Sunday, 10 July 2011

Rodney Green

Rodney Green grew up in Camden, NJ, surrounded by gospel music and musicians. Green, whose father was a minister, was playing the drums at 3 years old. He didn’t receive his first formal lesson until 14, when he studied with drummer Scott Robinson. By then he was already playing in church and clubs in Philadelphia. At 16, he won a spot in the All-American Grammy Band and was playing regularly at Patti LaBelle’s club. His first tour was at 17, in Italy with Bobby Watson, while still in high school.
One week after graduation Rodney was on a bus to New York, where he quickly developed a name for himself as someone exceptionally professional and skilled at only 17. He played with Christian McBride, Eric Reed, Greg Osby, Joe Henderson, Benny Green, Tom Harrell, Mulgrew Miller, and Abbey Lincoln, among others. At 19, he joined Diana Krall’s band, where he spent the next 2 years, traveled the world and learned a lot about the business.

Today, Rodney Green is already a seasoned professional with a resume worthy of someone a decade older. He works with leaders such as Charlie Haden, Michael Brecker and Terence Blanchard, vocalists Peter Cincotti and Lizz Wright, and steps out as a leader himself with the Rodney Green Quartet. For this still young musician, who already has a lifetime worth of gigs and recordings behind him, the best is yet to come.

Rodney Greene - Nice N Slow (2008)

01. Breezin
02. On Our Way
03. Mi Dushi
04. Heavenly
05. Nice N Slow
06. Never Again
07. Let's Take Some Time
08. Just Cool N
09. Time To Go 


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