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Mimi Fox

Mimi Fox is an American jazz guitarist known internationally for her work.She has released seven albums, with 2006's Perpetually Hip reaching #23 on the Billboard "Top Jazz Albums" chart.

Perpetually Hip is a two-disc set containing standards and new tunes written by Fox. One disc features solo recordings of Fox's while the other is with a band composed of fellow artists: bassist Harvey S, drummer Billy Hart, and pianist Xavier Davis. The album was released on April 4, 2006 on Favored Nations offshoot label Favored Nations Cool.

Fox is Chair of the Guitar Department, a faculty advisor and instructor at The Jazz School for Musical Study and Performance in Berkeley, California.

Whether delivering jaw-dropping solo sets, performing dazzling duets with sympathetic partners, or leading a hard-charging combo, Mimi is an improviser who seizes the imagination of her listeners with her passion, soul, and unerring ear for beauty.

Perpetually Hip - Mimi Fox 

01. Perpetually Hip
02. The Song Is You
03. But Beautiful
04. Saluting the Groove
05. Night and Day
06. While Bangkok Sleeps
07. So Many Stars


01. Caravan
02. Polka dots and Moonbeams
03. On Green Dolphin Street
04. Alone Together
05. Someone To Watch Over Me / Skylark
06. When the Saints Go Marching In

Mimi Fox (acoustic guitar, electric guitar);
Xavier Davis (piano);
Harvie S (bass guitar);
Billy Hart (drum);
Michaelle Goerlitz (percussion)

DOWNLOAD CD 2: Solo Guitar

For the uninitiated, it's understandable to assume that the artists on Steve Vai's record label, Favored Nations, must be from the same hard-rocking, six-string shredding variety. But this is certainly not the case, as evidenced by the 2006 double-disc release by Mimi Fox, Perpetually Hip. A Bay Area-based guitarist, Fox is a jazz guitarist through and through -- and not fusion, either, as her main influences include such jazz greats as Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, and Grant Green. On Perpetually Hip, Fox follows a guideline for each disc -- the first sees Fox playing alongside a trio of New York musicians (pianist Xavier Davis, bassist Harvie S., and drummer Billy Hart), as the quartet mixes a few Fox originals with covers. The second disc, on the other hand, is solo, and comprised solely of interpretations of jazz standards. No flashy tricks here, just fantastically clean jazz playing, as evidenced by such disc one standouts as the album-opening title track and "While Bangkok Sleeps," as well such disc two highlights as Duke Ellington's "Caravan" and George Gershwin's "Someone to Watch Over Me." The respected jazz publication Down Beat has been praising Fox's talents for years now (named "Rising Star" for three consecutive years), and it all comes together for the guitarist on Perpetually Hip. ~ Greg Prato

She's The Woman - Mimi Fox  (2004)

01. East Coast Attitude 2:51 
02. Sosua 6:48   
03. Buddy's Blues 6:33  
04. Angel Eyes 8:18   
05. Darn That Dream 2:14   
06. Raquel, Mi Amor 6:10  
07. Denny's Tune 6:06   
08. Lullaby of The Leaves 6:36   
09. On The Sunny Side Of The Street 4:45   
10. She's A Woman 5:29

Mimi Fox (vocals, guitar)
Jon Evans (vocals, double bass
Randy Halberstadt (piano)
Ray Drummond (double bass)
Paul Van Wageningen, Tim Bulkley (drums)
Tom Miller (congas, steel drum, percussion)


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